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Engage with our Dreams

“We are done with life when we cease to engage with our dreams.”

Glenda Burgess, Author

I find I cannot NOT create.

Over the years, I’ve tried.

I’ve tried to turn it off and be done with the pressure and anxst that comes with trying to schedule time to be alone and quiet to hear what is going on inside me. I’ve tried to live “normally,” being fully present within my job and my family, letting the dreamy, thinking, questioning side of me go.

Go away, I’ve whispered. Let me be.

But it won’t go.

It may for a bit, like a person I’ve hurt with my words or actions.

But it won’t stay gone. It keeps tip toeing back, quietly at first, but then loudly and angrily when I continue to ignore it.

I’m at my best when I deliberate, ponder, write, think for at least an hour each morning. I can then be calm and “normal” at my job and in my family. I have the energy for the normalcy.

After so many years experiencing myself and beginning to understand what makes me tick, I have stopped trying to … stop.

I need to accept.

Because if my life (and your life) is living my (your) dreams and enjoying them, why would I (you) want to stop?

If this part of me ultimately brings me my deepest sense of self and satisfaction, let it stay.


Dream….for the rest of our lives. Engage with our dreams.

Why wouldn’t I?

What’s your dream?

Is it time to accept?


Let 2020 take us there. Happy New Year!

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