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Eventide is an archaic word meaning evening.


Three couples hadn’t been out for an overnight on the boat together since their twenties. Now middle-aged, with adult children, and the baggage that ebbs and flows during a life lived that long, they set out toward Monhegan Island, Maine from Portland, full of joy, telling stories of back-in-the-day, listening to 80’s music.


But over the course of the day, their burdens begin to seep out – a child who is addicted to drugs, possibly a fault of the father’s. A son home from Afghanistan with anger issues and one leg. A senior-in-college daughter who has no desire for a job, just like her mother.


Exploring Monhegan Island, conversations (and drinks) continue to flow as the afternoon wanes.


By evening, it all falls apart.


Back on the boat brings rain and an accident and then an opportunity taken.


Collusion in murder.....can it ever work?


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travel memoir

 2011 1st place winner of Beach Book Festival

national writing contest for nonfiction


Going away to camp is an escape, a refreshing of your soul, a means to disconnect from all you are day-to-day....and yet connect much more deeply with your family and your authentic self. It is returning to the same place in nature, year after year, that creates lasting memories.


My Aunt and Uncle owned a camp and I spent my childhood there, my memories rich with its part in my life. After fifteen years away from it, I returned as an adult, and for ten years my own young family spent time there each summer. 


I capture the essence of what getting away, not to France or a villa in Italy, but right in our own states for a very little cost, can do for our spirits. What I describe happening for my children as they aged will encourage other parents to make a tradition of getting away themselves with their own families. 


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Featured on The Huffington Post and


Of the women my age whom I know, (50-ish), I am one of a handful who worked full time (plus) all the way through the raising of my sons.  But The Shriver Report of 2009, a comprehensive study on working families, says women like me may become the norm. I feel a responsibility to speak up, and share what that looks like.  I offer new mothers the 2 things I would do differently.


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