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A Place Called Hope

Knowing how it all will end should make the wait and anticipation easier to tolerate. The knowing may make us more patient, less anxious, better able to weather the journey getting there.

Aaahh – but nothing is certain, right?

I’m no longer one to believe that if you work hard and never give up, it will happen – whatever “it” is to you. That it is a given, an absolute. That in a matter of time, it will certainly happen.

However, I have been graced with my share of a few occasions where I experienced, with absolution – it just might. If you work hard and never give up, it just might happen.

Since nothing in life is absolute, isn’t “might” good enough odds to try?

I think so.

When my college-grad son finally secured his first real job, after months of trying, someone asked me how long he was going to try for his dream job before throwing in the towel and changing fields.

I paused.

That thought had never dawned on me.

“Well….never, I think,” I replied.

The man just smiled at me a moment.

“This field is everything to him,” I said.

My son’s vocation, his field of work, is precisely who he is and who he has been his entire life – drawing with chalk in the driveway as a 4-year-old until no uncovered blacktop remained; building with 1000’s of Legos with tiny, precise fingers; engineering wooden block towers taller than himself; then, after meeting a group of friends from whom he learned and grew, discovering art within technology; and reaching out and navigating one of the finest art & design colleges for his craft.

“Never,” I repeated.

For my son, in his young life, has now been graced already with the experience that if you believe, you work hard, you never give up, it can happen.

And it just might.

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