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Two days into the school year….one little girl, not bigger than a thumb, already had a reputation.

She was going rogue.

She wasn’t understanding the “line up” or “hold-hands-with-a-buddy” concepts; she was drifting away from the flock.

A Special Ed teacher sees this little girl wandering the halls.

“Honey, are you lost?” Teacher asks kindly, as this particular teacher would.

“I can’t find my teacher,” the little sprite says in earnest.

“Well, who is your teacher?” she asks in her kind, loving voice, bending down to meet the child at her level.

“Mrs. Mahoney?” the child asks more than replies, hesitantly.

“Well, Mrs. Mahoney is the principal…” Teacher says calmly.

The little kindergartner squeezes her eyes shut tight.

“She is wearing a black + white dress!” she screams, envisioning the woman who IS her teacher.

And then in the next moment, she claps her two tiny hands to her cheeks and says in distress and frustration, “Oh, I don’t know if it was black + white!!!!!”

It’s amazing this little 5-year old, just into school, even knows this much – the principal’s name, the color of her teacher’s dress.

The child’s teacher is already on the hunt for her as Teacher leads her back to the room-with-the-teacher-wearing-the-black + white dress. (Teacher remembered complimenting the other teacher just that morning…on the dress.)

As they near their well-deserved spring break, big thanks to our teachers.

And God bless the innocence of our children.

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