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Joey + Rory

This is an unprecedented blog post.

Since 2009, I have faithfully blogged twice per month, so appreciative of my followers' interest

but wanting to be so respectful of your time.

I wrote this post November 9, the day I saw Joey's photo on the internet.

I saved it away until I (and you) might be ready for it.

I post it now, off schedule, because of its importance.

It's a story worth sharing to remind each of us how blessed we are to have one more day -

to give love, a smile, a word of encouragement to another.

All my best - Kim

I don’t know Joey Feek.

And yet, through her art, I do know her.

And she became a friend.

Someone who has moved me. Someone I’ve listened to on my iPod when I walk miles in my own countryside, up north, hundreds of miles from her, on weekends, trying to work out my own issues.

Joey has mattered to me.

I’m not quite sure how, but I discovered Joey + Rory’s That’s Important to Me – a country song and video that I’ve watched 100 times.

Sometimes, I truly believe I’m reincarnated from 100 years ago -- Downtown Abbey, Agatha Christie, wooden clotheslines, or gentlemen farmers. There are certain, odd, things that feel so much a part of me, that they give me pause. These two folks fit who I feel I am…or who I wish I was.

While trolling the MSN home page….I was taken aback when I saw the emaciated photo of Joey, dying of cancer at the age of 40. With hospice in her home, she said she wouldn't see next Christmas. I read the article twice.

I teared up, sitting in my office chair.

I thanked God for my health at this time. I am grateful, I promise.

Joey’s not my first “friend” to be afflicted with disease…or impending death.

Joey + Rory’s story, their love, their profoundly authentic selves clutched my heart, shook me out of my own midlife doldrums.

Their sensitivity has coaxed them to write the most touching lyrics for themselves and other artists. They are to be commended for bringing their art, their songwriting, their beauty, their energy, to us.

What they’ve done has mattered.

They’ve made a difference to folks from afar. They’ve made a difference to me.

Joey died last week, 40 years old and mom to three children including a toddler.

I believe in God but can't help but wonder why someone bringing so much that is positive to our world would be taken from it too soon. To shake the rest of us up? Teach us something? Get us to follow her lead?

Her legacy will forever live on.

I give my respect and gratitude to Joey and Rory Feek who offer This Song's For You.

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