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“I still don’t know what I’m capable of.”

Angelina Jolie

Vogue Magazine, Nov. 2015, p. 259

I’d like to think this means Angelina’s not sure what else is inside her….waiting to come out.

She’s not yet reached her pinnacle.

I’d like to think it’s a positive. She’s saying she’s not sure just how far she’ll go, just how much she’ll bring to her world, how far her talents and curiosity may stretch.

Having read the entire Vogue article, I know this quote was said in a positive light, not what someone might be capable of when pressed in darkness.

I heard Angelina say…what more do I have to offer?

And I love that.

As a girl with big dreams, I’ve learned firsthand that, over time, it’s easy to lose sight of the vision living in our real world with setbacks, negative feedback, other obligations, putdowns, self-doubt. Doing and reaching out doesn’t necessarily mean success most of the time, or even half or a quarter of the time. Reaching out sometimes results in criticism and failing.

I’ve read the most successful people say they just failed more than others….because they tried.

The more you try, the more you will fail….but it’s the only chance you have to succeed.

Failing may not be a bad thing.

It may lead you to the successes right for you.

I admire people, like Angelina, who are passionate about their causes, who throw themselves into doing and speaking and trying. Her acting, directing, and writing endeavors are impressive, but her efforts at being the mom she wants to be and her humanitarian work are even more so. I’ve read she’s not the Hollywood actor giving 5 minutes of photo-op time to causes, but instead gets her hands dirty, shies away from the spotlight, and keeps coming back and helping long after the attention is paid.

Of course, she has her share of criticism and naysayers.

I’ve read that I should notice what I envy; it is likely what I want to become.

It’s not that I envy Angelina’s personal choices or even agree with her path.

I simply envy people living their lives authentically, doing precisely what is right for them – without bowing to the pressures of shoulds or convention – like Angelina does or…

  • Carin, a Swedish photographer who moved to Paris and blogs at Paris in Four Months, or

  • David McLain, a Mainer who worked as a National Geographic photographer and traveled the world, or

  • Ina Garten who left a high level job working on nuclear energy for the President to run Barefoot Contessa, a specialty food store in the Hamptons and cater, or

  • Joanna and Chip Gaines, the sweet couple fixing up homes for regular folks in Waco, Texas, or

  • Marjorie Taylor and Kendall Smith Franchini, mother and daughter team who have moved away and established a gorgeous epicurean center, The Cook’s Atelier, in Boene, France, or

  • Ralph Lauren who started with…a neck tie….and whose vision exploded over time to allow him to live precisely where and how he desires

I envy people with passion and commitment to put that passion into action.

I envy people who have the guts to take risks.

I don’t even need to like the same things people are passionate about. It’s not the specifics I envy; it’s their gumption at following their own hearts.

Do we all wonder what we’re capable of…and feel we don’t quite know the scope of yet?

And shouldn’t we keep seeking?

Ever seeking?

Keep trying to find our pinnacle – what the best is that we can each bring to our world?

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