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Happy Father's Day!

One of my husband’s defining qualities is what a great father he has been.

I could not be more satisfied or proud of his fathering instincts. He has given everything he has for over 24 years to being a dad. And what he has given is good.

He is honorable, hard-working, stable, loving, caring and responsible.

My older son says his father has no “Achilles heel.” Taken aback, I asked what that meant.

My son said there is no part of his dad that is vulnerable; you can’t trip him up. He hasn’t done or acted in a way that you can ever denounce. Frank has tried every single day.

My husband and I give to each other. We are givers at our cores and it works for us.

But I’ve given more to my children in the last 24 years than I’ve given to him. If I cook to please them, he’ll eat anything made for him. If I pack bags for the kids, he’ll (over)pack his own suitcase and carry it to the car. I’ll make breakfast for me at 7:00, Ben at 10:00 and Matt at 11:30. Frank will pour a bowl of cereal for himself.

He has given, and accepted what is given to him, with nary a word of complaint.

He did it….kindly. He did it for 24 years and now…enough.

Of all I’ve given to my children, giving to my husband is as important, not less important.

Fostering the relationship of a good union is the best thing I could teach my sons. Showing what giving, caring and loving another means is the most important things we could embody for them, to show them what it takes, what it looks like, and what the results can be.

And now that I see he is saying enough, after 24 years, I need to accept it, embrace it, and go with it. I appreciate so much what he’s done and I owe him that.

If I could only match what he gives to us, I will have done something important for someone so worthy.

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