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“…what is truly beautiful in my life is never what I grasp at,

but that which is found accidentally.

Discovered, not sought after.”

I had already learned the lesson that when I take one step in the direction I am supposed to go, the universe responds and magic happens.

It’s happened to me often enough in the last twenty years that I know it to be true.

It’s not ethereal or possible to me; it’s actually occurred several times.

For six months at least, I had been in a state of unrest, my mind churning and wondering “what next?” My book, Mothers Fulfilled, had been out nearly two years. I had spent that time marketing instead of writing….when my heart yearns to write, not sell. Was it time to put that book, that message, away and turn back to writing? Begin a new venture?

It was early morning and I was heading to a breakfast meeting for a Master Mind group I was in, when on the morning news, I saw our local channel was running a week-long series on working moms. Hmm, I thought. I knew my group would want me to go for it – write them – this was my topic. So I did.

As I hit SEND on my email to WCSH News, I paused a moment and said – “Universe, let this be a sign. If they reply to me, I will stay the course with Mothers Fulfilled and see how far it will take me. If they don’t reply, I will take it as a sign it’s time to change direction.”

I went off to my Master Mind group, and the supportive women there were pleased I had initiated.

What I didn’t know at that time was that WCSH responded to my email within 10 minutes (unheard of for writers seeking gigs) and asked me to be on the show the following morning. Wow. It seemed to slide right into my lap.

When I entered the newsroom the next morning, nervous as all get-out, the producer said, “Funniest thing. The person scheduled to come in this morning cancelled at the last minute and then….your email came in immediately. And you’re perfect for us!”

Hmm. Very funny indeed. More discovered than sought after.

And with renewed conviction….I stayed the course with Mothers Fulfilled. Something tells me I’m to keep going.

Kenison, Katrina. Magical Journey. New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2013. P. 138.

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