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The Flip Flops

It is a rare colleague who slips into my social network, but Joanne is a rare breed.

My life is better for having met, and merged, with Joanne. She is a character. She is interesting, hard-working, kind, loving, and fun. Her interests in things and people and life run deep – she is a life-long, curious learner and so dynamic to be around. Whenever I leave her presence, I’m walking higher off the ground….and that’s saying something.

She introduced me to her BFF, Carrie. Carrie became the best hair dresser I ever had…and my hair is not easy to cut. Carrie is as kind as Joanne. Dynamic duo doesn’t mean Batman and Robin to me; it means Carrie and Joanne! Their history is beautiful – there could certainly be a book there!

When Carrie was moving away to Naples, Florida, I told her I could get a new accountant or a lawyer…easy...but she, my hairdresser, impacted how I looked. How could I ever let her leave? For her going-away-gift, I bought her cute little flip flop coasters to use in her lanai. Carrie meant the world to me and I knew I’d miss her.

Fast forward ten plus years. My first book got published. The dynamic duo, of course, were jubilant and supportive. Carrie was coming to Maine and I got invited to the cottage on an island in Boothbay Harbor to celebrate the book. They bought lobsters from the docks that morning, made signature Margueritas….and used my cute little flip flop coasters to hold our frosty drinks as we sat in pastel colored Adirondacks and watched the sun set over the cove.

“Hey! I got you those coasters,” I said happily.

“We know,” they said calmly and knowingly.

And then they proceeded to tell me the most awesome story.

Their women’s group travels together twice yearly. They get together, regroup, laugh, support, women tend to do. My own womens groups include The Book Club, The Dinner Club, and The Sleepovah’ Gang. But Carrie and Joanne’s women friends call themselves…..

..the flip flops.

They’ve made T-shirts with their name, beach bags, beach towels.

To think I gave something to these two that touched them….means everything to me. I love them… and I just love the “flip flops.”

(Oh yeah…and I think that definitely has to be a book some day!)


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