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Blueberries and Rain Ponchos

My niece is the nanny for Harlan and Elias – two adorable, sweet boys. She’s been their nanny since they were babies…and she’s a good one.

To keep them busy…in the rain… she brought them to my husband’s garden to pick berries – blueberries and raspberries. Sometimes nannies and moms have to create from what’s available, improvising and using imagination.

Farmer Frank’s farm is a small patch in the city, and despite the summer rain, she found oversized “Disney” rain ponchos for the boys that she and her husband had used on their vacation, put up their hoods, and brought them over.

A couple memorable quotes while picking:

"Wow, look at that white cucumber!" Elias, checking out the summer squash.

And, "Farmer Frank makes the best raspberries I have ever had! He needs to tell Daddy how to grow a farm."

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