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Creatives and Drinking

My barista at Arabica said something to me while making my cappuccino the other day that gave me pause – I’d never thought of it before.

I had told her my younger son got his 1st choice college acceptance letter – what a great day, what a moment seeing that ear-to-ear smile, getting a warm embrace from him and even an invitation to lunch to thank me for my help. Wow!

I guess the “college” part prompted her to say she will get her kids drunk for their first time! (How we went from “college” to “drunk” so quickly was a fascinating commentary on our current society.) She feels it’s important to have her child drunk in front of her where it’s “safe,” and it will “kind of take the edge off” or the darkness of fascination off when it’s done with parents.

She’s certainly not talking about “child” but when they turn “young-adult.” She’s just planning ahead since her kids aren’t close to college age. And she’s only talking once, not routinely.

I see her point but that’s not my style.

Now for the point of this blog post… I told her my older son (21) doesn’t drink, never has, and I honestly don’t think my younger son (17) has. She said immediately and matter-of-factly, “That’s because they’re creative. They don’t need to.”

One of my sons is a musician/songwriter, the other is an artist/animator heading to the Savannah College of Art & Design in the fall, and my local barista knows this. She then elaborated that she was an “art kid” and said she didn’t drink until the age of 25 and that none of her “artsy” friends did either. She said that she and her friends thought, as kids, that boring people had to drink to have fun. Fun people don’t need to do that.

Creatives are inspired by everything so don’t need an artificial substance to jazz them.


No idea if that’s true but it surely is with my two creatives. Interesting idea to just make us ponder…..

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