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A Resolution to Stay Limber

In my writing, there is sometimes a double meaning. My words may say something simple on the surface. Straightforward.

But if the reader looks at the same words in a different way, they may find a second, deeper meaning to the thoughts underlying.

So on the surface, for 2019, staying limber in the physical, simple sense is a good resolution.

My body used to be flexible. As a kid, sometimes I was asked if I was double-jointed because I could do splits with my legs out side-ways, not the usual front-to-back split. I could do the Cobra pose and then lift back so my head could touch my upturned feet. I could do back-bends and take a few steps that way like a hermit crab. It was so natural, I didn’t think it was a thing. I never considered I’d lose it.

But the reality of passing the age of 55 is that I’m not so flexible. Not as limber as I once was. Spending now more than 35 years hunched over a computer, aches and pains creep in.

Resolution #1 – I need to stay limber in my body.

My body is telling me I need to practice daily, patiently, kindly with yoga and stretches. I’m likely never going to run a marathon, but gently strengthening my core and flexibility will only help the aging process. My Aunt did Pilates each morning into her 90’s and swam. She’s now 100 years old.

Now for the second meaning – I resolve to stay limber in my mind.

At this age, I’ve learned how I tick – what I like and what I don’t. I’ve arrived at a time in life where I have the option to choose more often what I want to do, where I want to go, where I want to focus my attention and energy.

I’ve lived with intentionality which has brought me to this place, and I’m grateful for that. It suits me.

But resolution #2 is to stay limber in my mind and my ways of being.

Stay open to possibility.

By limber, I mean flexible, open, malleable. I don’t want to get so stuck in my ways that I become close-minded, rigid, unyielding, reclusive. I want to continue to listen, explore beyond what I know I like, embrace new relationships, continue to put myself out there, take risks with my art.


As 2019 tiptoes in on a brilliant sunny day, I resolve to make the effort to stay limber both in my body and in my mind for this year, and all the seasons to come.

Happy New Year!

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