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“I think…we think… we’re cooler than we are,” my husband said.

We were on a weekend get-away, a time when the two of us are always in such a great mood to be together. To be away. To be out in nature. Eating delicious meals and feeling pampered.

It’s where we remember our past and dream and make plans.

After so many years together, we are completely in sync with our get-aways. We know what we like and fortunately, we like the same things. Getting away – although we fret over “should we/can we” always rejuvenates us and we always seem to say…yes, we should. Yes, we can!

Wherever we go, it seems we talk about the kids.

We’ll always talk about the kids.

No matter their ages.

Our kids mean everything to us.

Since the day our first son was born, we had a paradigm shift. It’s all about the kids because we want it to be.

That these two fine young men came from the two of us – well, there is nothing more special than that.

We are responsible and ever-dependable toward them. We have their backs. We will give our sons everything we have.

“What do you mean?????” I replied.

I had just been dreaming a little.

A bucket list item for Frank is staying in The Flume Cottage on the rocks of the Penobscot Bay at The Samoset Resort…for about $1,500 per night.

I was dreaming it would be so fun….one day….to do it….for Frank…and bring Matt and his girlfriend…and Ben and a friend….and they could do what they want – golf, play tennis, swim. We could come together, spend time apart.

Do whatever makes them happy…and makes them want to be with us. I was proposing it for one day. Our treat. Wouldn’t it be fun?

“Would you have gone away with your parents at 25?” he said.

Gulp. Hmm.


Of course not.

“I think…..we think….we’re cooler than we really are,” he said.

(The fact that we say "cooler" could be an indicator!)

He just smiled.

And sadly, bubble burst, I had to agree he was likely right….despite how cool I think we are.

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