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Always Choose Inspiration

Chip + Joanna Gaines, HGTV's Fixer Upper

“My wife, Sara, and I have always said that our daughter Willa is clothed in strength and dignity, and that she laughs at the days to come. I’m proud of her for it, and my eyes still fill with tears when I think about how true it is. And it has to be true, because it’s true of all people who die and go to heaven.”

Billy Jack Brawner

in an article titled “Sara Brawner” in Magnolia magazine Issue 3

The little girl is “clothed in strength and dignity.”

Of course she is.

A little girl raised in a loving and supportive home, flourishes. We watch her as a child and she’s bold. She’s precocious. She’s sassy…in a good way. She laughs from the depth of her belly. She wears whatever suits her. She plays with the boys, climbs trees, lies on her back in summer grass guessing which animals the clouds are forming.

She’s free.

She’s full of hope and optimism.

She chatters and dreams and loves.

It’s the responsibility of us, as parents, and teachers, shopkeepers and social media moguls, bosses and cousins and next door neighbors to let her be. Enjoy her spirited presence and be transported ourselves to a world that is good and right and full of promise.

And be the people who will inspire her to become all she is meant to be.

Allow her the consideration and the space. Just like we must for little boys, for all children.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve sought those people and the media that inspire me and bring me up. Those who nudge me to keep going, keep trying, keep believing. The bubble I create to do this isn’t a bad thing….because so many others benefit from my efforts.

If I am inspired and encouraged, I then do more, become more, give more.

And when I come in contact with others, hopefully, I, in turn, inspire and encourage them to be more.

And then, we have a cycle that is creating and uplifting. A society that is working to bring out the best in selves and fellow men.

I’m a Food Network and HGTV junkie. It’s nearly the only programming I watch…because it inspires me and makes me do more for those around me. I cook better meals. I decorate and make our living space more beautiful. I travel with the hosts to faraway and foreign places which broadens my mind and gives me so much more to talk about.

I love Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. They make me so happy watching them and their show. I laugh out loud when doing so. And now, I’ve subscribed to Joanna’s magazine, Magnolia. I love it! It’s positive and uplifting, beautiful and creative.

In my very first issue, I’m pausing on every page, to highlight it, mark it, blog about it, ponder it.

This. This is inspiration to me.

This is the beauty of connecting positively to one another.

When choosing anything – friends, spouses, lovers, businesses, books, magazines, movies, classes – always choose what inspires you.

In doing so, you will never go astray.

You will find it always helps get your feet onto the right road for you.

When you have a choice, always choose inspiration.

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