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The Story

Stories are how I filled my mind from when I was a little girl.

Stories allowed me to escape…but also grounded me – both reading them and writing them.

Stories broadened my mind and made me try. Try new things, new personas, new ways of thinking.

I value stories.

I value people…who all have stories. None more profound than another, no matter our backgrounds, our status, or our ability to tell it.

Stories equate to humanity for me.

We are all just folks trying to move forward, day by day. We all want love and respect. We all want security and happiness, to laugh and have a little fun. We want to surround ourselves with others who care.

Our stories matter….because we, each of us, matters.

Let me show you how a “story” changed my entire perspective.

The Eagles Take it to the Limit is one of my husband’s favorite songs. But, I never liked it.

And then, shortly before Glenn Frey’s passing, Frank spent a Sunday afternoon watching The Eagles documentary on Netflix. He was ecstatic. He loved it. He said, I HAD to watch it.

And then, serendipitously within a matter of days, Glenn Frey passed away, way too soon.

So, on a winter weekend, over three sittings, we (Frank for a second time) watched the documentary.

We both loved it.

We both remembered our ancient past in the late 1970’s and 1980’s when hair was shaggy, bell bottoms and cut-off jeans were the rage, flannel shirts topped the look off, and awesome songwriters and musicians sang our collective stories.

Watching the documentary, getting to know “the guys” of The Eagles, and hearing Randy Meisner’s story of not daring to sing Take it to the Limit on stage made me love him, and The Eagles, and the song. Hitting those high notes was challenging, and Randy feared every time he wouldn’t pull it off.

The YouTube video is awesome and shows Randy, baby-faced with eyes closed, belting out this ballad in perfect pitch to a crowd (and band mates) who are so psyched for him.

Suddenly, when hearing “the story,” the song changed for me. It mattered in ways it never had before. I've now listened to it 100 times.

When we see what people do to bring anything to us – their art, their business, their love, their kindness, their life’s work, their friendship – the whole paradigm shifts. We see/hear/feel in a deeper way when the authentic, human story is shared.

We are more comfortable when people are real.

When they’re honest and vulnerable. It is then that we can relate and empathize.

Share your story.

Whatever it is and whatever you have to say….will change others…

…..and I’m sincerely hoping, for the better.

Photo: The Eagles from from Pinterest

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