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Gray Exercisers

Winter is winding down in Maine.

Late April still gives us 45 degree mornings, rain, (snowflakes further north), and streets with deep sand lining each side. With all the snow this winter, we had more sandings than usual, and our spring roads show it as they await clean up. It’s a little treacherous running on the sides of our roads; it’s getting my new birthday sneakers dirty.

When I run, what I notice most, is that most exercisers are like me – older folks, with graying hair.

So many cold mornings, I see gray mustachioed men riding bikes together. I see older couples walking together or walking their dogs. I see lots of middle aged running women before work.

Where are the kids, I wonder? All off to college in my neighborhood? Or off to gyms? They pay more for services than my generation does, and way more than my Mom’s generation does.

The lack of variety in those exercising around me caused me to notice.

I admire my middle-aged compatriates running, staying fit, making an effort to live a healthy lifestyle. Although I remain cool on the outside, giving my passers-by a nod and smile, inside I’m saying: Good for you! Good for us! Let’s do this thing!

I like the trend I’m seeing….but I’m one who likes diversity. I’d like to see the kids out huffing it, too.

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