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The Last Day

So, the night before we flew to Savannah, Georgia, to bring my second son to college, I made one of his favorite meals – shrimp scampi, garlic toast, blueberry pie.

I spent the entire day with him – shipping the bike with some unexpected set-backs that were OK since we had the whole day. We packed the 52-pound suitcase – otto, gotta shave 2 pounds out of there. We packed it business-like, no emotion for either of us as I suggested the electronics, the nice pants and tie “just in case,” the chargers, photos of friends…and what about the photo of the four of us?

And then he wanted the graduation scrapbook, just like his older brother had when he left for college. But there was no way that was going to fit. Some things needed to be left behind…..

I suggested he call his grandparents for five or ten minutes to let them know we were off.

And when that didn’t pan out due to our own errands and then spending a couple hours with his friend before leaving, I suggested he email the incredible mask drawing he just completed on his tablet. I said his grandparents (and I) would love to have it. It was a gorgeous drawing.

Although I think sometimes Facebook makes me sad and feel inadequate and addicted, the comments from “friends” about Ben’s leaving really bolstered my spirits and my courage. All can be good. My “friends” reminded me of that.

All their enthusiasm for where Ben is going and what Ben is doing…and how right it is for him….got me in the right (needed) frame of mind to close the suitcase, get on the plane with him, breathe deeply, and take this next leg of the journey, one baby step at a time.

Photo: waiting....Portland International Airport

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