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Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

October 20. 9:22 a.m. 52 degrees in Maine….and I have already brought out the cushions for the deck set from their storage spot in the garage and am sipping coffee overlooking our glorious back yard, so grateful I’ve come outside.

The morning sun forces me to squeeze my eyes shut when the sun umbrella floats upward in the wind and the morning sun hits my face – it is so bright. Blinding.

It must have rained earlier this morning; everything is wet and glistening in the sun. The breeze rustles the colored leaves that remain on trees, hanging on for maybe only a matter of a few days more….but I’ve captured right here, right now. I didn’t let this fantastic scene slip away unnoticed.

“Leaves don’t drop, they just let go….”

the line from Carrie Newcomber’s song plays in my mind….no forcing, no pushing, no doing anything. Just letting go.

Maine in fall is breath taking.

Yesterday, we walked Evergreen Cemetery on Stevens Ave., one of my favorite places…in the world. Truly. The ancient, giant trees in there are awe-inspiring. The dirt roads curve and meander through the quiet; the chapel is locked tightly; the colors and smell of fall inspiring.

My backyard this morning smells fresh. The early morning light sparkles. I feel the heat of the sun’s rays on my bare legs and cheeks. The autumn colors are vivid green grass, deep earthy brown in the garden where my husband pulls weeds for season’s end, leaves of gold, auburn, geranium red, yellow, birds flit and chase one another to and from my husband’s feeders.

Art, Julia Cameron says, is born out of paying attention.

Being present and a part of nature causes me to sigh, feel genuinely grateful, and calm.

A million things to do – iron, begin making my sauce for dinner, run, make the bed… blah blah is all I hear.

Nothing to do is ok….and oftentimes, even better.

Photo: a house en route to Fort Williams

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