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Blue Moon

Facebook has exploded with words and photos of our gorgeous blue moon earlier in August.

Full moons elicit magic and awe in all of us. They inspire us and cause us to pause for a moment in busy lives to notice and consider nature.

But what if you’re two?

Wow. Even more magical.

My girlfriend’s daughter, Miss Emma, is two. They were laying on my girlfriend’s bed watching one of Miss Emma’s shows when all of a sudden, Emma said: “What_is_THAT?” as she looked out the window.

Blue moon.

My friend hadn’t realized she’d never seen the moon – always in bed, not out and about that late at night. Miss Emma was mesmerized and my friend tried to explain what the moon was – not that easy to do to a two-year-old and then again, everything is magical (and big) to a two-year old so maybe it’s just like everything else new in her young life.

Miss Emma took the pillow and put it on my friend’s lap, put her arms behind her head like she’d seen her Dad do on the couch, and lay looking straight out the window, just watching the moon.

She asked my friend to turn off the TV….so she could see it better.

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