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Little Kids at the Beach




Twirling on tippy toes.


Gilligan hats.

Ruffles on bathing suits.

Plastic watering cans.

Pails in primary colors – bright red, yellow, royal blue.

Rocks, seaweed.

Pail shaped sand castles.

Mud dripped sand castles.

Sandcastles with moats.

And watching enthusiastically to see if the tide will rise

all the way along the canal that will fill the moat.

Shimmering blond hair blowing in the sea breeze.

Frisbies, bocci, 4-square, football toss, tennis balls and mitts.

Jumping waves, shivering shoulders, sandy wet towels balled up on the sand.

Bologna sandwiches on white bread with orange Kraft singles

the red Coleman jug filled with Kool-Aid to share,

all replaced

with individual juice boxes, yogurts,

cheese stix individually wrapped in plastic sleeves

They’ll feel the pull of the waves when they lie down to sleep tonight – back & forth in the tide as though they are still at the shore. And then sleep will come deeply after a day of fresh air.

I’d be freckled with a peeling nose and bleached bangs. But our little kids are more carefully sunscreened, although still free & alive at the beach…and loving it just like we…still do.

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