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Magical Journey

“Sooner or later, we are handed the brute, necessary curriculum of surrender. We have no choice, then, but bow our heads and learn. We struggle to accept that our children’s destinies are not ours to write, their battles not ours to fight, their bruises not ours to bear, nor their victories ours to own or take credit for. We learn humility and how to ask for help. We learn to let go even when every fiber of our being yearns to hold on tighter. We learn that love is necessary, but that love doesn’t always save people. We learn that we can’t change someone else; we can only change ourselves. We can go down fighting, or we can begin to practice acceptance. Graces comes as we loosen, at last, our white-knuckled grip on what ought to be – but even grace is not always gentle or chosen. Sometimes it arrives disguised as a burden – as loss or hurt or unwanted upheaval.”~~

Katrina Kenison Katrina Kenison is one of my favorite authors…and could be my friend.

Several years ago, I read The Gift of an Ordinary Day at the perfect time. I was beginning to slow down a little and becoming more grateful for what was versus ever-pushing toward what might be. My copy is dog-eared and highlighted. You can tell my best books by what’s written in the margins; a friend has told me she cannot borrow my books because she’s too distracted by my highlights.

Now has come Magical Journey….again at just the right time….middle age.

Katrina speaks with honesty and compassion; her words like a warm embrace.

You can visit her website at Excerpt from: Kenison, Katrina. Magical Journey. New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2013 p. 147.

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