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Live in Possibility

We visited Savannah, Georgia in September during our college visit tours for our 2nd son. It was the first choice college. It was far away. It was an art school. Radical. Very radical.

SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) is Savannah. My cousin, who recently visited Savannah, said I don’t know why they don’t call the city “SCAD.” Everything is about the art school.

10,000 students descend upon the small city during the school season. SCAD has revitalized over 80 buildings in downtown; they have an annual film festival that draws Hollywood celebrities; they’ve created a modern art museum that draws tourists; Pixar visits semi-annually to view the students’ work. All the workers in the shops and restaurants are students of SCAD. The trolley tours give the history of SCAD and what they’ve done to restore Savannah.

And there I was, going toward the negative for my son. Savannah’s very far away. What if he can’t navigate the air travel alone, what if he doesn’t make friends, what if he’s lonely? What if, what if?

Savannah is a beautiful city, completely different from where we live in New England – the foliage, the historic homes, the residents, the accents. It’s designed in a grid so is easy to navigate, close to Hilton Head and Tybee Island, miles of beautiful shoreline. It has wonderful restaurants.

I was on vacation, traveling, so I jolted myself out of that negative 50-year-old mind I’ve grown into and said STOP. “Live in possibility.”

What if my son blossoms in Savannah, makes lots of like-minded friends, and thrives under this incredible opportunity for him going into computer animation/game art/graphic design in the #2 college in North America for this?

“Live in possibility.”

And the promise of GOOD.

Fear not! Fear, I do not need you!

Photo: Savannah, Georgia

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