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The Measure of a Man

Where but in Paris to read….

.“There are many things that will tell you the true measure of a man – the way he kisses, the way he holds his fork, the way he talks to his mother on the phone…..A man of grace and humor. A keeper.”*

C’est magnifique! And I have a few more:

  • his genuine kindness toward others

  • his patience

  • the way he takes your hand tenderly & unexpectedly

  • a smile in his eyes, a twinkle, a spark

  • the confidence to be honest

  • his quality of giving

  • his work ethic

  • the ability to apologize…and mean it

  • the way he helps you on with your coat

  • the way he appreciates you – your kindness toward him, your meals, your smiles

The combination of strength with tenderness and caring makes a man.

*Lunch in Paris. Elizabeth Bard. Back Bay Books: NY 2010 p. 32-33

Photo: 2 models in Paris at a fashion shoot

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